What We’re Eating 4/24-5/2

Hey! I know it’s been a hot second since I’ve updated the good ol’ blog, but frankly I’ve been feeling uninspired and I don’t want to post when I have nothing to write about! That being said, I’d like to get back into the habit of sharing our weekly meal plans to help inspire you in the kitchen! I’ll be sharing what we are eating and how I try to make each meal a little healthier. As you hopefully know by now, my husband has a strong love for calzones, so every Friday we will continue to eat them until we are sick of them. I doubt that will happen!

This week we are eating:

  • Burrito bowls  — We don’t add the cheese and skip the corn salsa. What is so great about these tasty bowls is you can customize them however you’d like and they still taste fantastic.
  • Thai Chicken Meatballs — Serve these up on top of brown rice and with roasted broccoli. I try and lighten these up a bit more by using light coconut milk and whole wheat breadcrumbs.
  • Asian Salmon — I know I’ve shared this recipe before but it is worth sharing again! It comes together quickly, which makes this an easy weeknight meal. Serve with quinoa or brown rice on the side for some complex carbs.
  • Calzones — Made with this whole wheat crust. Pick your toppings and stuff them in the crust and bake! Our favorite toppings are mushrooms, green peppers, onions, and turkey sausage. And cheese, of course.
  • BBQ Chicken Salads — Does this salad scream summer, or what?!
  • One Pan Lemon Chicken with Brussels sprouts and butternut squash — The sauce makes this dish!


What are you eating this week?


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