A Well Stocked Refrigerator

Last time we chatted, I talked about having a well stocked pantry to be able to prepare healthy, home cooked meals. Today, I’m diving into the refrigerator! Just like having a well stocked pantry, it is as equally important to have a well stocked refrigerator. Let’s get to it!


1.) At the top of my fridge, I keep all of our leftovers. By placing them at the top, it reminds me that I have already prepared food ready to eat at any time. This is especially helpful when I am hangry (hungry+angry). Next to the leftovers, I’ve been keeping my proteins up there as well (like chicken or fish), which I totally realize is not ServSafe standard, but again, it reminds me what I have available to cook.

2.) On the middle shelf I keep most of our dairy products. Mitch is lactose intolerant so we have lactose free milk on hand and I drink unsweetened almond milk. Milk is not a staple in every fridge but I certainly keep it in our house for a lot of breakfast meals. Mitch normally eats homemade granola (made by yours truly) and I occasionally whip together a smoothie for breakfast. Yogurt is also stored on this shelf, again for basically for the same purposes. I keep greek yogurt in the fridge because I use it in everything. When we have tacos, it’s used as sour cream. When I make a cream sauce for dinner, I use greek yogurt instead of extra cheese. Oh don’t be fooled by the non-fat kind of yogurts. Go full fat-it’s worth it. We also store eggs on this shelf. Eggs are so versatile, I use them every day in some way, shape, or form.  The small drawer on that same shelf also carries one of my favorite dairy products… cheese! Even though Mitch is lactose intolerant, we still eat cheese just because some cheeses are actually naturally lactose free or low in lactose. We also keep bacon in this drawer because, well, bacon.

3.) The bottom shelf is for our large lunchboxes. We pack our lunch almost every day. It saves us money, and our waistlines will thank us in the future. I also keep weird odds and ends on this shelf like salsa, chipotle peppers, olives, capers, sriracha, and pizza sauce…a little of everything! These “little of everythings” help boring meals go to great meals in seconds.

4.) The bottom drawers are filled to the brim with produce. I have certain staples I buy every week like bananas, apples, carrots, cucumber, lettuce, spinach, tomatoes, peppers, and mushrooms. All of these items are relatively low in cost but contain a decent amount of nutrients. Sometimes I have weeks when I throw together “clean out the fridge” salads so nothing goes to waste. But trust me, that doesn’t happen often!

5.) The side of our fridge door is a hodgepodge of condiments. I have a whole shelf dedicated to nut butters that is unfortunately not pictured. Another side pocket contains what I like to call “The Summer Fixins”. It holds ketchup, mustard (dijon, spicy, regular), and worcestershire sauce. On the very top left corner of our fridge, we store the butter. You never know when you might want a fresh batch of cookies. 😉

6.) Finally, the last shelf at the very bottom of the drawer contains beverages. Everything from champagne, to OJ, to craft beer. Oh and sparkling water because I just can’t get enough of it.

There you have it! A sneak peak into our fridge. I didn’t include the freezer because frankly, it’s very boring. All we keep in there is frozen fruit, ice, and sometimes frozen fish.

What do you keep in your fridge?


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