Happy Friday! Is it just me, or has this week lasted forever?! I saw one of these surveys floating around the internet and I thought I would give it a whirl so you can see a little glimpse of my life for some Friday fun.

Current Book: None. I’m so embarrassed to admit that I haven’t read a book since my Wine Book Club ended! I did recently download “Cooked: A Natural History of Transformation” by Michael Pollen just because books like that really intrigue me. Here’s hoping I get a chance to dive into it this summer!

Current Music: Taylor Swift. On repeat. I bought 1989 when it first came out and I haven’t removed it from my CD player. It’s also on my iPod and a Pandora station. 1989 World Tour, I am so ready for you! 

Current Guilty Pleasure: Watching the Real Housewives of Whatever City it is at the time. I don’t know what it is about rich, mid-aged women but I am drawn in every season and watch it relentlessly.  Also- The Bachorlette. The season premiere was on Monday and whoa, can we talk about those “On this season of the Bachelorette…” previews?! Drama!

Current Nail Color: Nothing! Can you believe it? Those who know me well, know that I paint my nails religiously. I’m going to paint them tonight in Essie “Sunday Funday” — my favorite color for the spring/summer.

Current Drink: Right now I’m on a huge lemon water kick. I have one of those cool water bottles that diffuses the flavor of whatever fruit I choose. I normally prep it at night before and it’s all ready to go in the morning for the work day!

Current Food: Avocado toast. It’s becoming a staple in my breakfast routine. There’s something about crunchy, toasted bread and buttery avocado that is perfection.

Current Favorite Show: Survivor! I have watched this show since the second season. Mind you, they are now on season 31. I’ve spent about 15 years religiously watching this show. The finale was this past Wednesday *sad face* but next season looks amazing with the second chance cast. The Survivor crew really knows how to hook you in to keep watching season after season. I’ve convinced some of my friends to watch it with me and they have enjoyed it so much that we turn our Wednesdays into “Survivor Night”.

What’s your favorite show? Favorite guilty pleasure? 

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