What We’re Eating, 5/6-5/12

Before I jump into this week’s meal plan, I thought I would give you a quick little recap of how my half marathon went. Spoiler alert: I didn’t beat my PR but I still finished in 1:55 and some change.

I went into this race with a goal of just to finish (which is always my #1 goal in a race) but in the back of my mind I really wanted to beat my personal record (PR) of 1:51:24 set in October 2014 on a VERY hilly half marathon. I knew I could run this race faster because this race course is flatter than a pancake. So flat in fact it almost gets a little boring. I tried so hard to hold onto my pace but for some reason, the heat was getting to me. At about mile 9 or so I really started to feel pretty bad. My stomach was not settling and eating my fuel seemed like a chore. I could barely swallow my fuel, let alone water. The last few miles seemed to take FOREVER. I stopped and walked more than I care to admit. I was so elated when I looked over into the crowd on the last mile and saw my husband and father waving me on to finish. Another one for the books! Not my best race, but sometimes you don’t have much control over other external factors and I just did my best to listen to my body and slow down when I needed to.

Okay okay, enough about running! I know what you came here for… this week’s meal plan! I hope you enjoy this one. One of my favorite summer recipes is included in this plan- the chipotle quinoa salad. It makes enough for the whole Russian army (as my Grandma Phyl would say) and is so wonderful for work lunches! The skillet shrimp recipe is one that’s an oldie but a goodie. I learned how to make this recipe my junior year of college, when I really started to care about what I ate.

Here’s what we’re eating 5/6-5/12:

What are you eating this week?


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